Friday, August 25, 2006

greetings from the admiral's club in terminal b at washington national airport. I'm off to austin, minus the almost full fifteen dollar bottle of Chanel Ruby Slipper nail polish that had taken up residence in the bottom of my cloth bag. TSA guy really felt bad about taking it from me, and said "I can see it on your toes, but it has got to goes...oooh that's bad."

if only i'd checked. RS was a hot commodity last year, and nearly impossible to find. a bit easier now, but still quite a blow to lose it.

Yes, I know that's about twice the price of OPI polish, but this chanel stuff is worth it----dries faster and lasts twice as long.

Spent part of yesterday with a great young band called The Duhks. Their new album is out next month, and sounds fantastic. All five are very talented and thoughtful...a good time was had by all, I believe. Last night was spent at the birchmere with uncle earl, the band, not a person...I don't think there are any earl's on any side of my family. I'm a bit weary today, and will have to grab a quick nap somewhere. I've heard a preview of my austin schedule, and it sounds a bit exhausting.


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