Sunday, February 04, 2007

Yikes! Look what just came in the mail?

"The National Weather Service has issued a WIND CHILL ADVISORY for Montgomery County. Extremely cold air mass now in place over the region and expected to remain through mid-week. As the night time temperatures dip into the single digits, wind chill values are expected to drop below 0 and in some cases, may reach as low as -10 on Tuesday.

Frostbite and hypothermia can occur on any exposed skin within 30 minutes. The elderly are especially at risk during a WIND CHILL ADVISORY. Please check on elderly neighbors.

Some precautions you can take include:

Avoid prolonged exposure to the cold and wind. Stay indoors if possible.

Wear layered clothing. Each layer of clothing traps a small amount of air that helps insulate the body from the outside cold and wind. The top layers will cut down on the penetration of the wind, allowing the lower layers to trap heat, thus lowering the amount of heat that the wind can carry away from the body.

Wear a hat, since half of your body heat can be lost through your head.

If traveling, carry a fully charged cell phone. Let others know your travel plans. Pack extra clothes or sleeping bags inside your vehicle. If you become stranded, stay inside your vehicle and out of the wind.

Make sure your vehicle is in good working order. Keep the gasoline tank full for emergency use and to keep ice from forming inside your gas tank.

Pets are also at risk during a WIND CHILL ADVISORY."

Yes, I know you know what to do in the case of cold, but I found it interesting. Especially since I just put my boulder pictures on ofoto. (i mean kodak gallery. I hate that name!)
here's a sample:
Yes, you see nothing. Thanks Blogger. I have declined all your upgrade invites to date. I guess this is your way of telling me to get a move on. Maybe I will....


Anonymous April said...

Haha, I find your sarcasm at the end very entertaining, I haven't upgraded either. I just moved to the East Coast, and the cold season is so different than the west, I've never had a 'wind chill advisory' before! But it's beautiful here, I'll take anything that comes with it.

5:01 PM  
Blogger jk said...'re probably used to a more "dry" cold than we've got here....

11:36 PM  

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