Wednesday, January 17, 2007

a thousand pardons! I really will get back to the grind, i mean into the habit of writing, again.
I am freshly back from Colorado, where it was a balmy 5 above. zero. during the day. how do you stay warm in a situation like that? by jumping in the hot tub. several times a day!

pictures to follow.

and for the ever patient z, here is a weird thing. I can not sit with my back to the room. Take me out to dinner, and I'll crawl into that cramped corner space, just so I don't have my back to the door, or the room.

and another: while I'm not easily startled, i am easily "startled." By that I mean even if i know you're standing next to me, I'll jump if you suddenly say something, or make a sudden movement. Yes, even if i've been standing there talking with you for five minutes. or longer. Now, that's weird.

Ok, one more. I have a couple of hundred records in my collection, and an equal number of cds. Yet, i rarely play music in my house. I guess because I listen to so much of it for and at work.


Blogger Z said...

Thank you thank you thank you :) Although I don't find them weird at all...but then, I am, well, weird :)

8:57 AM  

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