Wednesday, October 01, 2008

greetings from nashville---my second trip down here in as many weeks. Weather is gorgeous, and i'm having a problem getting down to work. Returned from my first nashville trip with a sinus infection and some virus----ten days of antibiotics seems to have taken care of the sinus issues, the virus ran the expected course.
The crickets still roam the basement, despite the glue traps. Though I guess the number is dwindling---or you'd think so from the six filled pans. Well, five. One was filled with a mouse. That came as a bit of a shock---none of those tell tale signs were seen prior to seeing the mouse itself.
On the good side? Let me think. well, i'm down in Nashville, the weather is gorgeous, and I'm catching up with old friends. And i found out that the tailor in the mall nearest to the house does a great job of hemming jeans so they don't look like i had to trim 3 inches off the bottom. And does a much better job than I could ever do.


Blogger Mony said...

I thought it was your trick throat acting up on you again--had no idea you got a virus.

Keep up the glue traps. You will catch all sorts of interesting critters. After the lights go out, it's a jungle down there!

9:51 AM  
OpenID ShiraSimcha said...

Things are CAHRAZY but I wanted to wish you Shanah Tovah!!!!

9:28 AM  

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