Saturday, October 22, 2005

another saturday, another couple of flights in my quest to regain Chairman's status on USAIR. Why? For the free trans-atlantic upgrade, and free companion upgrade. My friend ( fellow blogger nm: see and I are talking about a visit to Manchester, UK over the january holiday weekend ---and I'm nagging my wonderful sister to come along. That coupon would let us both upgrade on 400 dollar fares.

I've never visited Manchester, but nm says it's a city worth checking out. It's an easy trip, so it's perfect for a long winter weekend.

I usually head to London for a break over the feb holiday, but seeing as I've gotten snowed in, or snowed out the past two years, I may be rethinking that plan.

So, today I'm flying other words, down to raleigh and back home by 3:45 this afternoon. Giving me time to pick up the cleaning before they close.

Sunday will be laundry day, Monday rush to get everything done day, and then it's off to Nashville on Tuesday for the annual meeting of the international bluegrass music association. I'm up for an IBMA award this year, so there's no way I'd miss it. I'm also sitting on a panel Thursday---judging song demos. But most of all, it's a chance to catch up with friends I don't see half often enough.

that's it from stop, raleigh.


Blogger nm said...

how did it go?

I'm in SEA now, about to run to the Marketplace for my return meal. Upgrade cleared to JFK and it's the bulkhead. Whoo hooo.

9:45 AM  

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