Saturday, January 07, 2006

In case you've never seen it, here is my car. A lovely Volvo c70 convertible.

Actually, that's how it looked before I got in an accident with a deranged soul at approximately 9:05 am Thursday. Now it's got a popped out panel on the rear right, right by the lights, and a weird looking wheel. The outward body damage is minimal, it's the suspension that'll be costly.

This accident happened as I was pulling into the medical center parking lot....and because I continued into the parking lot (and out of traffic), the nut started screaming that I had tried to leave the scene of the accident. And I'd hit her head on! That's right, I'd hit her head on...when the damage is at the rear of my car.


On a happier note, the book club met last night at Les Halles. We'd been reading Anthony Bourdain's "Cooks Tour," so it seemed appropriate. The tables all had little cards touting the TV version of "Kitchen Confidential." I guess no ones told them it's been cancelled.

Today? I have to help set up (and then attend) a birthday party for a four year old. Scheduled during the Redskins playoff game, so I'm sure there will be some wandering attention.


Blogger nm said...

Your car is very cute and I'm sure it will be better soon. As for bookclub, yours sounds very interesting and I love the fact you went out to eat. This week we meet to pick the books of the year. TH suggested some stuff and I'm thinking on it.

The bd party should be interesting, stay out of the cupcakes.


3:59 PM  
Blogger Z said...

I wish our book club would do that. Well, we did sort of. We read a baseball themed book and we had a baseball themed meal to go with it. Guess I can't complain in that case.

8:28 PM  

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