Thursday, February 09, 2006

greetings from austin!

it's no secret that I travel a lot. But i had a first today: I sat down in my seat (3f) on a flight from dallas to austin. A few mintues later, mr 3-e comes in, and it turns out to be a friend of mine. Not a close friend, someone I see three or four times a year at events.

that has never happened before. I was going dca-dfw-aus, he was BNA(nashville)-dfw-aus.

small world, huh?

Then, I go to baqgage claim to pick up my bag (duh), turn to leave, walk to the door, look up, and see a friend from Boulder walking out the door at the same time.

I heart austin. stuff like this never happens in DC. (though i have to say I've twice seen friends while racing through O'hare.)


Blogger nm said...

how is austin? better than dc right now I'm thinking!

6:33 PM  

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