Wednesday, March 22, 2006

I can't believe I haven't shared this: my real highlight of Sxsw. Friday was just a fantastic day. First I met marshall chapman, then I met her great friends. We then hung in the hyatt lobby for long enough that I missed the BMI Brunch, a "to die for" invite. And I also missed some other party. But we had fun, drank coffee, and then took of for a yummy lunch at manuels.

But that wasn't the best part. It came when the four of us piled up the steps at The Speakeasy for the end of a party that my friend Lisa at the press network invited me to. (Marshall had her own invite)

I walked in the door...just in time to see (and hear) al anderson lighting into "Get Rhythm." Al and his very loud five piece band. We went crazy, all us old people. To paraphrase a southern friend of mine: "I thought i'd died and gone to heaven." Only seeing nrbq circa 1980 could have been more perfect. Maybe 77.

NRBQ was such a part of my college years. I was one of those music geeks who thought Al was crazy for leaving...but he's gone on to such success as a songwriter that it's egg on my face for even thinking such a thing. And as al reminded us "I'm 58, i weigh 285 pounds and I'VE GOT A RECORD DEAL IN NASHVILLE."


His performance at that party was just the best. THE BEST!


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