Wednesday, March 22, 2006

i feel somewhat awful about it, but i just had to pitch a fit at the grocery store.

I was at the shopper's near's a discounted grocery store. All i needed was paper products....ziploc (Oops, is that a trademark?) bags to be exact. There was an endcap display offering gallon storage bags (hefty, i think. maybe glad, i don't remember) at 2 for 4 bucks. So, i picked up two. and they rang up at 2.55 each.

Sigh. I told the guy, nope 2 for 4. He told me he'd have to stop checking me, and go find the display...which is half a giant grocery store away. (not giant food store, which i hate also...just big)
i told him to forget it...and that I was tired of having at least one item scan incorrectly each time i shopped at the store.

he told me to take it up with the manager. So, I did. He apologized for the mistake, and offered me one box of bags free. I took him up on it, and told him he was offering fine customer service...

Most of the employees of that store are fantastic workers. Always cheerful and helpful. And the store itself is clean and bright, with wide aisles. It's cut rate, but not where you'd think.


Blogger Z said...

I used to shop there when I lived in Sleazeburg. But I have to admit, sometimes only a Giant will do. I also love Food Dog (admit it, that thing DOES look like a Dog instead of a Lion) but we can't sustain that up here in Yankeeland. So...I get my fill when we're in OC every summer.

11:16 AM  
Blogger jk said...

you would not be pleased with giant these more local ownership, and the quality isn't the same. The first thing the new owners (same folks who own stop and shop) did was close down the giant bakery. then they cut a lot of products, and started futzing with the stores.

sales have fallen. safeway figured it out, and spent big bucks fixing up their older stores.

5:04 PM  

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