Friday, May 05, 2006

bummer, the first draft of this post expired when my computer crashed earlier today.

speaking of computers, i'm a bit miffed at apple today. My new/refurb computer arrived monday, i got it tuesday, and it was already in the shop on Wednesday. The wireless card didn't work. They're hoping it's a simple antenna issue..which can be fixed at my local apple store. If not, it's a logic board issue and the whole thing has to go back.

Wouldn't you think that something like this would be checked prior to shipping?

Had a nice day yesterday----tom russell came by to talk about his new CD "love and fear." He was in a good mood, and we had a wonderful chat. Longtime guitarist andrew hardin is off the road, and tom is now touring with a guy from san antonio named michael martin. Very nice person, and quite a musician.

Tom's new CD is a good one. I believe you can find an MP3 at his website.


Blogger nm said...

I hope you hear from your guru today or sunday.

If I was a guru, I would avoid working on saturday at any apple store.



11:32 AM  
Anonymous mony said...

Bummer! I know you are anxious to have the kinks ou, up and running.
I wandered into an Apple store last night (Nshvlle is getting posh) and felt lucky not to have my credit card on me.
I got the fever...

12:02 PM  
Blogger jk said...

a very nice guru called me today and said it was the logic board...and she didn't know why I should have to get a newly refurbished machine fixed like that. She's calling corporate on my behalf, and claims she'll get back to me later today. She's now afraid there's no back stock...and i'd be stuck waiting two weeks for a replacement. We both knew that was not acceptable.

5:03 PM  

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