Tuesday, April 18, 2006

from the "easy come, easy go" department.

got my state tax refund yesterday---815 dollars.

I have to drive through the hills to north carolina next week for Merlefest, so I took my car to community auto today to have them make sure everything was fine. Just got the call from Kerry, total bill, about 825. I might have saved a little by going to the dealer as it was brakes, and there might have been a coupon, but hey....

damning thing was I was planning to use that for my hotel in CA.

I used to always joke that I never got my car out of that place for less than 700 bucks, but then I had a few times that it only cost 150, so I guess was i was "due."

But then, it is my brakes. As I told Kerry, "what am I going to do, say no, don't do them?
And they told me last time that I was going to need new brakes by the next service. I'm mid service, so they're right.

but still......


Blogger nm said...

Yup, you can't go to the dealership and get anything for under 700 bucks. I stopped going to the dealership unless absolutely necessary and do everything through my trustworthy mechanics at the independent place.

Oh, and TH bought me a new cupholder for Easter. Very cool.


9:21 PM  
Anonymous mony said...

you could look at it this way, you needed car work before your trip and your tax refund came just in time!
okay, that is my cup half-full comment for the month

1:06 PM  
Blogger jk said...

no, no, that's exactly how i am looking at it.

however, i'm looking at the computer purchase as a kick in the teeth.

2:13 PM  
Blogger Z said...

I think you mentioned that refund INSIDE your car...and probably the computer purchase too and it got jealous and then demanded the refund as blood money.

1:29 PM  
Blogger jk said...

ding, ding, ding, i think z is right on the money.

I had best not talk about any major household appliances if any others are within earshot.

11:01 AM  

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