Tuesday, April 11, 2006

I love the Guardian. And I really like Neil Diamond's new record. So, I was very happy to read this profile.

here's taste, in case you can't decide if you really want to follow the link.

"Diamond has always been an oddly grave kind of a singer, his songs as serious as algebra (and, sometimes, as tricky to grasp), but the strings and keyboards foaming around them like jasmine on an old wall tended to distract from this. Rubin, however, has pared the whole thing down, made him, for the first time in almost 40 years, play his own guitar and to hell with all that soapy orchestration. Thus, the songs' solemnity is revealed - and their great beauty. 'The best work he has done in 30 years,' says Newsweek

So which Diamond will I get today? Sexy or sombre? Sequinned or unplugged? As it turns out, there is really only one Neil Diamond and this man has about him an endearing earnestness. He can be wry but, mostly, he is agonised. Sitting opposite him in this plastic hotel room, the last thing that you feel inclined to do is to fall at his feet in panting adoration (and if you did, he would doubtless die of embarrassment)."

I say, follow the link. It's worth it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

that is worth the read. Now i want to see him!

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