Wednesday, April 05, 2006

a blogger pal of mine asked over the weekend if I had a favorite post. The answer is a resounding NO. However, I do have one that makes me laugh uncontrollably each time I stumble across it (which isn't often, I am not one to re-read my sainted prose). Why do I like it? because it is so very, very stupid. But the picture adds enough to counteract most of the stupidity.
Not all, but most. Below is the first paragraph.

From Feb 8th

say hello to captain jack hotness...I mean harkness, aka John Barrowman. He was spotted in episode ten (i think) of the old new doctor who. The one that will soon air in the USA, but has been seen already all over the world. so we'll call it the old new who, as opposed to the new new who, since the star of the show (the new doctor) quit soon after the first season had been filmed, but before all the episodes aired last year in the UK. So, he's been replaced by a newer who, which means the new doctor who soon to appear in the US is really the old, well, let's just stop this right now.

(btw, I saw John Barrowman as the male lead in Sunset Boulevard a few years ago. Fantastic voice, a real broadway kinda voice. You may have also seen him in the Cole Porter bioflick "Delovely," or as the lead nazi in the new film of the musical version of "The Producers."


Anonymous kyla said...

that really is funny. and stupid. I love the never ending circle!

and yeah, cute.

10:42 AM  
Anonymous mony said...

kayla, god I am glad SOMEONE could respond, and yes, the original was very very funny--very jk after one margarita

BUT, jk, how in the hell do you know about this?? my big foray into bbc was 'the office' and I must confess I was damned smug, even though my husband turned me onto it. jk, honestly I am astounded

okay, and yes he has nice dimples, albeit young ones

10:34 PM  
Anonymous mony said...

sorry, kyla
impulsive I am, exact I am not

10:46 PM  
Blogger jk said...


you'll have to page down a bit to find where i discovered the new, i mean old new doctor who, while on a visit to london.
And when I'm there, i read all the newspapers i can get my hands on, including the tabloids. And then I scan all those headlines when I'm home.

And those dimples aren't as young as he'd like us to think.

9:14 AM  

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