Thursday, March 30, 2006

this has not been a great day. It started with me hearing some news about my brother that prompted this email exchange:

the note from me to him:
"Subject: unfair unfair unfair

very unfair.

here i am, the biggest baseball fan in the family, shut out of three opening days (boston, dc, baltimore). and you, who never would even go to a dodgers game with me in la, are flying across the country to see the mets open the season.

at least that's some consolation. It's the mets."

his response:
Thanks!! I finally was able to stop laughing!!

; )"

turns out he's in charge of the finance issue for the new mets stadium. So, this means that his flights, hotels, etc are all being reimbursed...since they are his client. And he's spending saturday night at some big charity deal with the team.

unfair unfair unfair.

but not as unfair as what happened to me later. I check my AA statement, waiting for those 30k bonus miles. You know, the ones I'm owed because i fufilled the promotion. The deal that had me fly between dal and some other city three times. You know, the one i signed up for the minute i read about it and realized i was going to be in texas.

Oh, you mean the one that you don't see I signed up for. Two very nice customer service people are looking into it for me, but don't hold your breath is the answer I received. That'll teach me to be extra anal and print copies of everything. You know, the kind of anal you never are until you don't get the 30k miles that you spent two days and several hundred dollars to earn.


Blogger nm said...

Your brother is a card. Your whole family is funny. Have you thought that maybe he could take you as a date?

Wait, who has the Baltimore tickets this year? Does it rotate through the K's (both sides)?

As for AA, hopefully, it will work out.


10:09 PM  
Blogger jk said...

we've got tix, just not for the opener.

and we all know that the new year starts not on jan 1, but on opening day.

10:41 PM  
Anonymous mony said...

great NYT photo today of the possible design of the new Mets stadium--after reading jk's hilarious post I was paying attention!

the press release grapic is wonderful:

I am enthusiastic about the nostalgic trend going for building baseball stadiums that make sense-- (Jacksonville, Memphis, Chattanooga, Atlanta--sorry but I have limited geographical reference, plus my big love is the big survivor, Wrigley)

hallelujah, we are getting a much smaller version of a classic design in Nashville for our minor league team and I can tell you it's pretty darn exciting down here

so, what do you think???

11:16 PM  

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