Thursday, April 06, 2006

as any j-school grad can tell you, a good obit is a work of art. That was the first thing we learned, conventional wisdom (at the time), being if you could interest someone in the life (and death) of a person they knew nothing about, you were a good writer...and could therefore write anything.

I was never a huge gene pitney fan, but after reading this, I want to dig out some moldy 45s or lps.


Anonymous mony said...

Gosh, thank you for hyperlinking that fabulous obit! I had read CNN's concise but skeletal version and thought this so much richer.
My favorite quote from the obit:
"Pitney was signed with the publisher Aaron Schroeder, who occupied an office at 1650 Broadway. Another aspiring songwriter, Al Kooper, was in Schroeder's office when the singer walked in to audition "wearing a salt and pepper jacket, heavily greased down DA ("Duck's Ass") hairdo and white bucks. Three dressing schools tied together - very strange. The creature was quickly ushered in, sat down at the piano and proceeded to mesmerise us for two uninterrupted hours with his incredible songs and bizarre voice. He was an original." According to Kooper, Schroeder signed Pitney to a contract "so thorough it might've included bathroom privileges".

Aaron Schroeder, now I want to know about this man.

The details in this piece are unbelievable, and serve to shed light into the genius of the creative process.
I always want to know how the family is doing and this obit obliges as well. Thank goodness, and RIP Gene Pitney.
Historical, by heavens.

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