Thursday, April 06, 2006

I love the fact I reserve books from my public library over the internet.

I commute via subway. In the morning, I read most of the Washington Post. Most days, I get through everything but the front section. On slow days, I can read the entire paper on the ride in. My ride is about 35 minutes.

I walk across the Mall on the way home, directly to the Judiciary Square stop. This gives me a chance to brush off the cobwebs, and get a seat on the redline directly home---no transfers. The ride is a bit shorter, only 25 minutes, or so.

(these times are very approximate. Lately, the trains have been breaking down and my trip is about 10 minutes longer. But no cheaper...)

Anyway, that gives me about 20 minutes to read a book on the way home. I finish the paper, then pick up the book.

Right now I have 13 books on hold. I'm number one on the list for Vikram Seth's "Two Lives," and for Anthony Bourdain's yet-to-be-published "Dirty Bits." Oops, it's " Nasty Bits." Wishful thinking on my part.

I come in third in wait for Wendy Wasserstein's last book of essays, and 74 people beat me to sign up for the new Anne Tyler (yet to be released, too). I'm 81 in line for the next Jennifer Crusie bit of fluff, but only 3 when it comes to the upcoming Roger Angell.

And there are 42 in front of me for Doris Kearns Goodwin's epic on Abe Lincoln.

We've got a 7 day book section (lets you take the book for 7 days, no renewals), and I saw the Lincoln book there---but there's no way I'm getting through that one in a week. So I let it sit. I'm a fast reader, but really....

So, what's on your waiting list??????


Anonymous mony said...

Whew! I have my 5x7 notecard out because my waiting list is:
From This Earth:The Ancient Art of Pueblo Pottery and Historic Pottery of the Pueblo Indians 1600-1880 plus a couple of paperbacks about arrowheads and spearpoints of the prehistoric southeast

I need to get a life.

10:39 PM  

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