Friday, April 07, 2006

in her comments about the baseball post earlier this week, Mony gave a link to the planned new mets stadium. Here's how it might look.

the entire story is here.
you might have to log in, but then you should have a New York Times account anyway.

I like these new old stadiums (oops, don't start going down that path again). The first was Baltimore. The next, i think, dallas. At least that's the second I saw, and I felt like i was in camden yards the whole time. That baltimore feeling stayed with me during a visit to Cleveland, too.

I do like them, but I also like the old old-style ones, too. The relics. Fenway and Wrigley, warts and all.

I had a fine time at the little nashville stadium this summer, but i was there for a concert, not a game. Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson, and the Greencards. We drank champagne in the home dressing room.


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