Wednesday, April 12, 2006

A case of bad concert timing:

tonight, the austin lounge lizards are playing at Wolftrap. Most years, it's a no brainer sell out. Not this year. Passover.

Then, Sunday, it's Patty Griffin at the Birchmere. Sunday was slow to sell...Easter. An extra pair of tickets materialized....but it's very hard to find someone who can come. Reasons I've been given include:
my wife would kill me, it's easter.
I'm going fishing all weekend.
We're going to his parents for easter.
We're going to her parents for easter.
I can't get a sitter, it's easter.
Sunday? Night? You know I like to get into the office at 7.


Blogger nm said...

Yeah, well, it is easter and the easter basset will be very tired from hiding all those eggs.

Maybe if you can't rid of the ticket, you can enjoy some extra room. We couldn't get rid of a cirque du soleil ticket we had for the Battersea Power Station show in London, so we just enjoyed the extra room.

6:59 PM  

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