Sunday, August 27, 2006

greetings from quite warm austin....where it's been about 100 for the past few days.

having a wonderful time, but then what did you expect??? Misti's housewarming party was a great success. We met up friday afternoon for a very late lunch, returned to her house, where i got the grand tour. She was having a lot of yard work done, and a few minutes after we got back, the lead guy rang the door, asking misti to come out. I'm sure she thought he just wanted to give her a progress report, but in reality....her mother and two sisters had just piled out of a cab! They'd flown in for her party! Totally unexpected, but very welcome. The fam had been planning this for a month, and managed to pull it off.

We (Ronda, mona and i) got back from the party around 2 yesterday morning. I was ready to collapse, but before I could, there was one final bit of excitement. Mony had noticed something odd a few doors from Ronda's (I was following her in my car, and didn't see a thing, but then she claims to have been driving with the brights on)...two guys walking in the middle of the street, who drifted to the curb, and tried to hide as she passed. We parked, and stood in the driveway for a few minutes, trying to figure out what was going on. Sharp eyed mony saw him skulking (which doesn't look like it is speeld rite) about, so we decided to tell Ronda. She then called the police, who said they'd drive by. Of course the three detectives couldn't just sit around...we decided to pile into one car, and take a trip around the block, too. (Guess who's car was the last one in the drive????) I was at the wheel, we set off and saw the pox (Old newsroom shorthand for police) sitting at the intersection a few houses up. We continued our drive-around, didn't notice anything amiss, and returned home for a bit more chat.

I finally collapsed, and put an end to the frivolity. Crawled onto the very comfy futon around 3, only to wake up perky and far too awake at 8am.


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