Tuesday, August 29, 2006

back from Austin, and back to the grind. It was a wonderful, but all too brief break. Travel was awful yesterday. To get to Austin via AA, i have to transit via Dallas, or Chicago. Neither wonderful in the summer, due to "weather." Everything that's wrong is blamed on "weather." Don't know exactly what kind, as things were bright and sunny on Friday, and I was told the departures after mine were delayed because of "weather." Mine, of course, delayed because of "a mechanical." Which is fine. Please. Delay me if there's something wrong with the plane. And belated kudos to AA for watering us while we sat on the runway in Chicago for 2 hours friday afternoon.

No such kudos yesterday. I finally got home around 11, 2 hrs late. I can't remember the ins and outs of the National Airport curfew, and had a few seconds of fear that we'd be diverted to Dulles, but all was well.

And my 100 dollars of Hatch chile sausage (hot, mild, pork, chicken) and Hatch chile meatloaf(beef only, no mixture) stayed frozen and made it home just fine. Have I already reported this? I know I told someone....

and, if all went as scheduled, Mony should be driving home to Nashville with her new puppy, Baylor. To be renamed later. Keep checking her blog for updates. And a picture, we hope.


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