Tuesday, October 14, 2008

the squeamish will be glad to know that I haven't caught anything else of interest in the glue traps. just crickets. and a dust ball.

I finally am over the sinus/virus crud. The second trip to nashville in as man weeks didn't do me in.
but that big crunchy pretzel did. Or at least did that old filled tooth in. Yup....

On the good side, I'm digging our indian summer ---highs near 80 tomorrow? (Hard to believe, but true. But I think this is the end. Really.) Driving around with the top down in mid October almost made me forget about my tooth....


Blogger Mony said...

at least you got to see your dentist!

9:07 AM  
OpenID shirasimcha said...

Oh man...that sucks wang. Truly. Both the end of autumn AND the tooth!!!

1:43 PM  

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