Monday, November 28, 2005

another fun quiz....

Your 80s Heartthrob Is

Jason Bateman

I am thrilled to see it's someone I recognized....but it's because of his time onscreen in "Dodgeball," and "Arrested Development." I have no idea what Jason Bateman did during the '80's, except smile for photos like this one.

I spent much of the '80's working a morning radio shift that forced me into bed at about 8pm, and up at 4 I didn't see much of prime time television. I remember being awake for the first episode of St Elsewhere...and then probably didn't catch another in real time until the final episode. I did, however have a VCR---and with reruns---I saw most of the series, albeit a few years late. It's another that's missing from DVD, but don't get me started......


Blogger Z said... too. At least he is still hot. And worse yet, it could have been Skippy.

10:39 AM  
Blogger jk said...

By the way, thank you for visiting, and please come back soon. I'll try to be more interesting. Really.

Pleasantries aside, who is YOUR '80's teen hearthrob?

Oddly related: i have a friend who is a john stamos look-a-like. Well,not professionally, but he's a deadringer. Even funnier, he's a drummer.

11:35 AM  

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