Wednesday, November 23, 2005

And one more thing for today. Why I love the New York Times, reason 21. The fantastic obit writers. There was a great tease on the front page today:
"ruth m siems, a reitred home economist whose
best known innovation will make its appearance, welcome or otherwise, in
millions of homes tomorrow, has died. Ms Siems, an inventor of the
thanksgiving mainstay stove top stuffing, was 74."

Love it: "welcome or otherwise."

Writing obits is an art, and the Times has a few brilliant staffers on that desk.

Back in the dark ages, during my first weeks in J-school, obits were our first assignment. Wonderful, old style, sad, weepy, pull out all the plugs to get a reaction, obits. Then we moved on to police stories, equally old style. You know, "all little johnny wanted for Christmas was a football." And you read on to learn of a tragic train accident the day after the holiday...and how little Johnny now has just one leg.

Hmm. Perhaps I'll have to find Charlie and see if we can dig up any real examples.


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