Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Did you miss me? I am freshly back from Nashville, where I was not crowned queen of the may, or broadcaster of the year. Fie on them. It is, as I was reminded so many times, an honor just to be nominated. Again. Yes, I am a double loser. And I must say that being able to say I've lost twice, is a bit more satisfying than only losing once. More is good. In everything but avoirdupois.

I'm sorry not to have updated while in Nashvile (whoops, freudian?), but I was busy with banjos. And drinking cup after cup of herbal tea at the public library branch of Provence. I believe we (the core group of me, ann, ruth, rob and maria) may have set a record on Friday: arriving at 11:45, and leaving at 4. I felt like a Georgetown hostess with my own salon! And then Carol Young and I did the same with irish coffee (decaf for me, thank you) at the Bridge Bar in the Renaissance Saturday night)

Highlight? None of the bluegrass. Last Train Home did a great set, (i really needed drums by then!) Greencards, too. And what little I saw of April Verch was a-one.
Actually, I think the real highlight was my trek through the archives at the Country Music Hall of Fame. They're setting up a Ray CHarles exhibit, and I got an advance look at some of the goodies---stagewear, electric pianos, and even Ray's braille edition of Playboy. No pics. So it's true...someone really did read Playboy for the articles.


Blogger nm said...

Boo on them. However, it is an honor to be nominated.

Did you make it to Fidos?


8:54 AM  
Blogger jk said...

no fidos this trip. Provence also has wifi, but i left my computer in the hotel out on Elliston place. The perfect abode for someone who likes breakfast at the soda shop, or Vandyland.

And you gotta love a Hampton Inn that upgrades to a suite with a full kitchen. It was a smoking suite, but it easily passed the sniff test.

9:31 AM  

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