Tuesday, November 29, 2005

I should be a meteorologist. Or maybe I should just tell my local forecasters to keep an eye on MY schedule, because everytime I get my hair cut, it rains. Negating all of Marty's hard work, or at least some of it. (sigh)

I saw my first few light covered front lawn trees tonight---but my own neighborhood (known as gpe-wfp) is not looking so good.

How is it that I know the abbreviation for my community assocation? Because I'm the VP, damn it! We're having our bi-annual meeting tomorrow night. The prexy has asked those of us on the board (4 of us, we are a somewhat simple association) to show up early for photos.

What to wear, what to wear. ....


Blogger nm said...

I would wear something severe, scare those folks into paying their dues.

I have newsletters to deliver. I may have to outsource to neighborhood child.

I'm sure your hair still looks faboo and I guess we'll be seeing it in a little over two weeks.

You and your hair, me and my velvet jeans.


10:26 PM  
Blogger jk said...

yes, my hair is faboo, thanks in no part to me. I just provide the groundwork.

hard to believe that trip is two weeks away! of course, your jaunt starts earlier.

Barbara from "the store" called N yesterday, to remind her to get me, nad my coupon, and come on down for the sale this weekend. N will be out of town (no miles), and i've convinced her to call and see if they'll let her come over thursday and scope the situation.

And when I went to pick up my clothes, they asked if you'd had fun visiting "the store."

8:40 AM  

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