Sunday, February 26, 2006

why is it that my cell is bombarded by calls only when i turn it off, or leave it in the car? There I sat in the house, missing a dinner invite, and another promising call....

it's back to winter here, one of those sunny, bright and crisp, crisp days. I'm looking forward to Austin next month, I hope it will be one of the warm sxsw' opposed to the year that Michaela and I huddled by the barely functioning heater on the patio of what was the waterloo ice house. 28 degrees, if i remember correctly. a whooping 13 people braved the cold for whomever she was working with. Fred maybe? I can't remember, but i do remember we finally gave up, and moved inside...and had to explain ourselves afterwards. ah, the good ol' days.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i bet he was mad. i haven't seen the guy in years, but i remember he could be kind of a jerk.

10:30 AM  

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