Thursday, June 29, 2006

I love The Guardian newspaper. Of course, I love many newspapers. But there are few things I find more enjoyable than being in London, where I can read a half dozen papers every day. Different papers. In the same city! How un-american.

of course, there are papers, and then there are papers. I'm not saying I'd take my news from all of those london pages, I'm just saying I love the choice I'm given.

And when I'm not in London? Well, I read the Washington Post on the ride to work, and the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal in the office. And when on the road, I try to read the local rag, just to find out what's happening in town.

But I also read online. The austin papers on Thursday, to see what I'm missing. The latimes for news from the entertainment world.

And, of course, The Guardian. You never know what's going to pop up. Today, there's a marvelous article about the horrors surrounding ready made baked beans on toast. That's right, the heinz folks are testing a frozen version of this comfort food. And the best part? The guardian has famous chefs weighing in on the subject. Fascinating stuff. Really. Check it out here.

of course, every friday they post Alex Kapranos food/dining/travel column. Yes, the lead singer of Franz Ferdinand. Yes, it's good. Really. He's got a very good eye. Writes about food he encounters on tour around the world. Been doing this for about a year, I think. A book, complete with drawings by another band member, will be on store shelves sometime this year.

I have a friend who finds this appalling. She thinks no credible rock star would be caught dead writing for the Guardian.

here's his latest. You can decide for yourself.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

your friend is right. we want our rockstars dribbling, not typing. Too erudite. And he probably knows what it means, too!

4:35 PM  
Blogger Z said...

I like the British press. They simply don't give a shit. And I like that. Everything goes. Of course what do *I* know, I live in Mellon-Scaife land.

8:16 AM  

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