Friday, June 23, 2006


from now on, i want everyone to call me in the office, or at home!

For the first time since I've had a cell phone (going on 13 or 14 years), I have gone over my monthly minutes! You do the math---they're 40 cents apiece, and i owe an extra 36 bucks.

Of course I talked with carol for about 60 minutes yesterday. but i wouldn't have missed a minute of the conversation! The greencards played the telluride music festival for the first time last weekend, and I really wanted to hear all about it.

and then i talked with my brother for a half hour tonite.

in other news, i guess i should finally report the findings on my car. the volvo guys decided the battery was the real problem. I wasn't totally sure, and for that reason, I left it in the driveway last weekend, and took the subway to the train station. I would rather put up with being hot and sweaty from lugging my bag on the walk, than to get back and find a dead car in the station garage.

but they were right. Car seems fine, knock wood, cross fingers.

and the biggest news is that we (my sister, brother and I) have finally decided to sell what had been our parents florida home. No one has time to visit.

that's the good news. The bad news is that we've got to spend some time down there getting it in shape, which means I'll probably not be attending the calgary folk festival this summer. And i was really looking forward to that trip. But...I do want to have some leave left over for a couple of fall hops.


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