Wednesday, June 14, 2006

from the "It never fails department"

So, I'm going to new york this weekend, and will spend a couple hundred bucks I don't have. Maybe equivalent to the birthday check i received that immediately went to the mortgage as I spent too much on the wedding.

anyway, what happened? I get up this morning, decide to go to the gym after work, and opt to drive to the subway and leave my car there. (it's supposed to rain this afternoon...and not having to walk home gets me to the gym earlier.)

so, what happens? nothing. at least when i start the car. Battery seems fine, as the door chime works, and all the dash lights go on. My diagnosis: starter.

volvo roadside is on the way, and they'll take it to community auto for me if it doesn't get started.

so much for not going broke. And getting to work early.


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