Thursday, June 08, 2006

you may recall that i am the vp of my neighborhood association. We had a quarterly meeting at 7 tonite. I got there at 730. Why? because i got out to the subway station and realized i didn't have my keys. where were they? locked in my office. Called Ed, but he'd already left. his advice was to call facilities....they informed me there was nothing they could do.

i knew that was wrong, because, well, people do lock themselves out! Called ed back, he had me call them again, i got the same answer. rinse, repeat.

he then had the idea of calling the guys in master control...the same folks who let him in when he'd forgotten his keys one weekend.

and then i trudge back downtown, got in, got the keys, got back to the subway, rode out, blah blah blah.

you're probably saying "leave the keys with a neighbor." Well, I have. One's away, the other didn't answer when I rang. I figured it was better to take care of it at 6, then to find out I was up the creek at 10pm.


Anonymous mony said...

after I locked both children in the car with the motor on and air running (Florida in the mid-eighties) I have always wired a car key to my car frame.
similar house story sp key is outside nailed to a tree--came in handy many many times when they were teenagers sneaking in after curfew, don't ask me why they were without their keys...
some families pass on recipes, some pass on names--us, we hang our keys out in public

10:39 PM  
Blogger jk said...

brilliant post. Thanks mony---how did you survive with you niece?

9:06 AM  
Anonymous mony said...

we are half way there, and I need a nap

3:16 PM  

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