Thursday, August 10, 2006

Hey! Don't steal my photos. And if you do, give me credit.

A kind soul recently pointed me to an online CD review, and told me to check out the accompanying picture, because it looked a hell of a lot like one I've posted here. The kicker is it isn't even one of the better photos I've taken. But I knew it was mine, because of the background.

The would-be reviewer fess'd up, and said he trawls the web, just plucking whatever he pleases.

And told me I should be flattered! (insert noise of grinding teeth here!)


Anonymous lee said...

*ahem* I believe the correct word here is, SUE!

Idiot - explain patiently to this person that things posted on the Web are not "free." (No credit given either, I assume?) Then point out the number of attorneys you happen to know....

2:22 PM  

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