Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Free at last! Free at last! aol is free at last.

yes, after 20 years or so, i have paid my last cent to aol. I'd kept them through the decades because I had so many things and people connected to that damn email address. I'd start another account, try to switch everything over...but then the next month, i'd find a few more things, or people, needing to make the transition.

But as of today, there's a free option that allows one to keep that prehistoric address, and pay no fee. that's right, free at last!

believe it or not, I had an account with them prior to aol...when it was, hmm, what was it? I'll have to look that up. We (some folks i worked with at that radio station I can not bear to name) were given free accounts to talk the thing up. I remember sitting in the basement of my first house, fooling around on a commodore 64 loaned by someone, and thinking....this is stupid. Who wants to talk on a computer? I'm going out.

oh well, that's when I decided not to invest, either.


Blogger Mony said...

Congratulations!! I can see why you are excited. And I totally respect your ability to blog.
Many do not understand the value of keeping the same address but I sure do.
Some day we can chat about the history of our respective email addresses and how we chose them. I am glad to have lost ''
(believe it or not, it was a family email address, when there was such a thing) but have never regretted my yahoo account which I set up so I could check mail in Europe back in the day.

9:08 PM  
Blogger nm said...

I thought of you when I saw that today.

I still have my university of washington email from the time I was in grad school in the pre-cambrian era. I will not change it, even though its not very professional.

1:14 AM  
Blogger Z said...

I hate AOL. We dumped it last year but no such option to keep the nasty email. I figure if you need'll find me.

8:01 AM  

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