Monday, July 31, 2006

hmmm. we must be showing our age. Over the weekend, i received an email from an under 30*, wanting to where and when "the kristen shepard case" took place, so they could look it up on the web. Really. Born and bred american, grew up in a house with TV and watched it, and who, when asked, claimed to be "a pop culture fanatic."

sniff (disdainfully). I don't think so. (raise an eyebrow, and smirk)

I grew up in a house with TV, but didn't watch it all that much. Even less when I got to college. I was busy listening to music! But I did read the newspaper** and Time, Newsweek, Rolling Stone, and the then-boring US News every week*** I knew what was going on....

*no relation to me!

**at least one a day, usually three or four when I was in a j-school atmosphere.

*** RS bi-weekly, I know. Maybe it was still monthly at that time? I had a great collection from 1975-81 that never survived a move.


Blogger Z said...

Get this...we didn't even get Top 40 AM radio until 1976! Prior to that we had the daily farm report and heck, even AFTER that - for 9 years - it went off at dusk!

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