Wednesday, August 02, 2006

in case you haven't scrolled down through the comments, lee has checked in to report on their trip to california:

lee said...

She was an ANGEL on the plane - tough to do when one of the flight attendants takes a liking to ya: "Sasha! Can you say 'hi'?"

Sasha: *yawns loudly.*

FA: "Can you make that cute face at me? Are you sleeping? You're so cute! C'mon, make that face!"

(Of course, today she spiiled cold soup all over herself, then wailed all the way out of the restaurant.)"

which i understand completely. She probably was enjoying the soup. Plus, the mess. For such a tidy girl, that must have been awful!

and more bad news: no sasha update for two weeks! Can you believe it? Lee and Dan NOT updating their blog on time. Just because of a vacation? The nerve....
(let me know if you've lost the link to that precious site!)


Blogger Mony said...

In the words of a wise seven-year old, if you be patient it will snow.
I can wait (a bit) if I get to see what Sasha wore on her trip.

11:01 AM  

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