Thursday, August 31, 2006

i am having a somewhat whacked week, all because i took a few days off. I wasn't in the office last friday, or this past monday, and I'm all confused as to what day it is.

I kept thinking yesterday was tuesday, though I knew i had to produce my regular wednesday program. Which i did. And tonite a few of us are taking advantage of the i riichi summer promo (similar to a restaurant week 30.01 dinner, 'cept it can be used through the end of august) tonight...and it's thursday. And i keep thinking if i'm going out during the week, it has to be friday. (which holds no water really, because i often go to shows during the week, and stay home on friday!)

very confusing.

other big news for the day: for the first time since June, I am wearing shoes in the office. No, i hadn't been going barefoot, I was wearing sandals. but, it's a bit cool and rainy (or at least expected to be rainy) today, and since we're going out, i figured I should give the tevas a rest. So, it's black clogs today. But no's far too early for that!


Blogger nm said...

I am also wearing my black danskos without socks (strange for me, I always wear footies). However, I just noticed that the back of my clogs seem ragged, as if a small basset hound may have lunched on them.

5:28 PM  

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