Sunday, November 12, 2006

it was absolutely gorgeous here on saturday....high in the upper 70s, sunny, everything that november should be, and isn't. Today was more typical: about 50 and rainy.

But, on that beautiful saturday I put the top down on the car, and headed out to the land beyond wegman's....home of sasha. And Lee. And Dan.

Met Lee, and we headed over hill and dale to "dinosaur park." Which was flooded with kids. And dad's, for the most part. A few mom's, but I think most Mom's were busy doing something else while dad and the kids were out of the house!

We looked around, and found Sasha. True to form, she was busily sweeping leaves off of something. She stopped to investigate me!

Soon, it was time to head for home. And for noodles. Which was probably number one on her list of priorities. Sasha started off "full steam ahead."

But she soon decided that was not the most energy efficient way to travel. This was!

We played a bit before lunch*, and then again before naptime. Sasha became quite good at saying my name, and we became quite good at clapping our hands and repeating it back to her. Hmm....she's probably saying the same thing about us at this moment! Better check her blog.

* yes, sasha asked for a sponge and cleaned off her placemat without prompting. Scrubbed hands, too. Probably would have started scrubbing me, too....but we distracted her. And yes, I did see her very own dustbuster, i mean minivac. Can't find the trademark symbol on this keyboard!


Anonymous lee said...

Careful - now she knows your name. You KNOW what comes next: "Joan, ice cream? Pleeeeeeeze??"

3:45 PM  
Blogger jk said...

the response? of course darling. lots of ice cream. and candy. cake, too. And then I'm turning you back over to mom and dad....

5:27 PM  

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