Monday, June 04, 2007

hmmm, i didn't intend to remain silent here...only on the phone. (if you're not a regular phone chatter, you didn't get my email regarding a bit more vocal rest. that's all I'm talking about, nothing really exciting.)

I'll try to do better, I promise.

I did hear something today that caught my ear. For years, people have always worried about how things will play in "middle america." You know, in the fly-over zone. Today I heard a new one: "this stuff is HUGE where the map folds."

I can't decide if it's more obnoxious than the others, or just more amusing.

Of course it did come to me from a guy who, when wanting more information, says things like "Let's get the inside baseball on ....."


Blogger Mony said...

I thought your silence was some kind of restorative therapy, thus I totally respected it.
you're back with a vengeance

9:23 PM  

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