Tuesday, March 07, 2006

i've gotten lots done today...because the phone system is down, and no one has been able to call in! all in all, that's not a good thing, but it works for me today.

actually, it's been fixed now. But i've gotten so much done that I could spend the rest of my time on the phone and still feel like i've accomplished something.

What did i do? Finally edited down the marty stuart interview from last month. padded it out with music, and it'll work for two programs...I'll do the voiceover tomorrow, and then be covered while in Austin.

on the downside, my old work buddy celeste clark died on sunday, colon cancer. We hadn't been in touch much the past few years, but I have often told stories about the (hysterical) laughter filled dinners I shared with Celeste and Carol p. I have just learned the service is tomorrow afternoon...I don't know if I can make it to Leesburg, but I'll try.


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