Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Despite the fact it was put together on a holiday, the July 5th Washington Post is a fantastic read. (post-holiday papers are often slim and dull, as not much happens the previous day)

Why? Well, first of all, my neighborhood is the subject of a new Metro feature. It's called "My Neighborhood in 200 words or less." And here we are:

A Little Slice of the 1950s

The cherry trees are dying faster than people can replace them, so the homes reveal more of themselves each year: humble brick ramblers, built in the 1950s on postage-stamp lots a quick walk from Holy Cross church. The neighborhood is largely untouched by the wave of knockdowns and jumbo additions swamping Montgomery County. It still feels a little like the '50s.

It's called Garrett Park Estates, but we joke that it's also North Bethesda or Rockville depending on whether you're buying or selling. No doubt it'll be Strathmore one of these days in honor of the new, elegant concert hall nearby.
Of course, we'll never have as many grand trees and millionaires as Garrett Park next door, but that's okay. We still have the community pool and the shortcut to the movie theater at White Flint Mall. And -- this is key -- we have more kids. When we moved in, one was dressed in full cowboy regalia, right down to the badge and six-shooters, as if from a place and time that no longer exist.
-- Freddie Kunkle"

A few minor quibbles. I wouldn't say we've got "postage stamp lots" exactly. And there is growth---my block excepted, I'm seeing additions galore. Roofs popped, expansion in the back. We're lucky though, no total knockdown. I guess it's the '50s zoning rules still holding true.

But that's not all. The big Style story for today is fantastic. You MUST see for yourself. Just the type of feature that one reads the paper for!


Blogger Z said...

I miss the old hood. My mom actually worked at the old Korvettes in Rockville (my dad worked at the Kresges there) which shows you how old *I* am.

9:48 PM  
Blogger jk said...

i used to buy records at korvettes. 3.99 on sale. Then they went up to 4.99. I can't remember exactly when they closed, but I do think one of the first driving trips I made on my own was there to pick up some music.

how "me" pf me.

9:13 AM  

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