Wednesday, July 05, 2006

despite my better judgement, i have always enjoyed tucker carlson. I rarely watch his tv program, though. And i guess few people did, as it's been cancelled by msnbc. But have no fear, he's not really been cancelled, he's just been reformatted. The good news is that it will run at 4pm, the bad news is that he'll be up against Wolf blitzer on CNN.

But, how can you not love a guy who says stuff like this? And yes, the set up is worth the payoff....

From the Philadelphia Inquirer:

" Until he moves into his new home in three weeks, Carlson's center will be the basement of his parents' nearby home. (His wife and four kids spend the summer at their place in western Maine.)

"My plan is to start a blog," says Carlson. "If you're 37 and living in your parents' basement, you ought to blog."


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