Monday, November 13, 2006

2 things:

is the new blogger stable yet? I haven't made the switch, but will do so if things are finally in line. NM? What you say?

i spent 222 dollars at tower records yesterday. But only paid 77. Stuff was 40% off, and then ten percent off that. Add in 5% for tax.

yes, you read right. I did buy music. Not rare import stuff, either. All stuff that I wouldn't dare ask anyone for comps.

What did i buy? Some stuff I'd never gotten around to getting on CD. The stones "black and Blue," a pretty blah album, except for "memory motel." That alone was worth the 7 bucks I paid. A J. Geils record from the early days, two Bowie discs, Hunky Dory, and a a new collection. Maybe it was 3, i could have gotten Ziggy also. another copy of the new James Hunter CD from Rounder - - - he's a great british singer and songwriter, really swinging stuff. I have a copy of my own somewhere, this is a gift. Wanted the new Who, but they didn't have it.
What else? I'll have to check when I get home tonight.

I hate the idea of another record chain going under. What little I purchase, I usually buy:

direct from musicians. Always the best idea. They'll actually see a bit of the money that way. Back in the dark ages, when I was working with Slaid and Chesapeake, we'd (well, they'd, but i was a part of things) buy a box of CDs (how many in box? 28? I'll have to think, it's been so long) for 7 bucks each, and resell for 15. The artist keeps 8 from each sale. Of course, they keep little of that, some goes to management, etc. But, if you purchase in a store for 15, an artist would be lucky to see a buck. More like half of that.
Moral is: buy direct.

I'll purchase big label, major artist stuff from Amazon. i don't have to do that too often, luckily. Most stuff I want is either sent to me, or I'm able to buy direct. Of course, I don't want much of the majors stuff. I did buy the new dylan that way, simply to get the DVD edition. Same will go for the Beach Boys remaster.
If it's a new artist on a big label, again I'd try to buy direct. Most have sales on their websites, too. Those may be through a third party, but the artist is still likely to see more of the sale.

I'll purchase from Waterloo Records online. Waterloo is an amazing store in Austin. They are part of what the bumpersticker "Keep Austin Weird" is all about. Amazing stock, local business, civic minded owner. Employs many struggling musicians, too. If I'm lucky enough to be in Austin, I'll buy in person. Average time spent in shop: 45 minutes.

My last option is a brick and mortar store. And I guess that's the problem, huh? RIP tower.


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