Monday, March 05, 2007

How does it know? (part 2)

Eerie coincidence? I run out of detergent AND fabric softener at the same time. One load done, one just sitting in the machine, soapless.

In all my many years of doing the wash, that has never happened! I rarely use bleach, but could you imagine the excitement if all three went dry at the same time! A laundry trifecta*, so to speak!!

I was first going to use hat-trick (0r hat trick) instead of Trifecta as my sports anthology, but I wanted to double check the definiation first. Because somewhere, somewhere waaaaayyyy back in my little collie sized brain (that is, brain the size a collie has, not the size of a collie)was the thought that we've mutated the meaning. At least when it comes to hockey. And I was right! "In the Victorian era, the term "hat trick" refered to a common trick by magicians, where the magician used a top hat. At first, they would appear before the audience wearing the hat, which they would remove from the head and put upside down on a nearby table (on stage). Later in the show, the magician would take out 3 rabbits, one after another, from the hat. In modern times, this phenomenon has largely referred to any three consecutive feats, goals, wickets etc. by the same player."*

Whereas "trifecta" may refer to any sequence of three (generally unfortunate) occurrences, drawing on the traditional belief that deaths (and presumably, disasters and other bad things) always come in groups of three.

This was clearly a trifecta, but sad as it may be, it probably made you laugh.

*Wiki goes on to say: "In both field hockey and ice hockey a hat-trick is when a player scores three goals in a game. Although people may consider a hat trick as three goals scored in a row, this is commonly confused with a natural hat trick (below). The term was brought to ice hockey in the 1940s when Sammy Taft, a Toronto hatter, gave free hats to Maple Leafs players who scored three goals in a game. It is not certain whether he picked up this practice from cricket. The term natural hat trick (or Nat-Trick) refers to when a player scores three goals consecutively in a single game. The goals do not have to happen in the same period."


Blogger Mony said...

you are having WAY too much fun doing (or not doing) laundry

12:29 PM  
Blogger nm said...

I always buy another box of detergent when we're at 40%.

Then again, I also have four boxes of apple granola in my pantry because someone keeps on thinking we're out.

Don't you have woolite?

9:32 PM  
Blogger jk said...

i do have woolite. But these were jeans and towels. They needed the real deal. Well, towels didn't need softener, but the socks that were in with the jeans did. Static cling, you know.

10:21 PM  

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