Friday, June 29, 2007

i made it....and even in style. AA came through with a seat for me, the second to last person to get one on the 350 flight that actually left at 730. Well, left the gate that is. we got in line to take off, inched a long, and then suddenly made a turn and sat in the penalty box. Turns out the pilot noticed that there was a discrepancy in some of his paperwork regarding the weight of some cargo. Very important when figuring how much fuel is needed for a flight.
It wasn't so bad for me, because that seat AA found for me? Was 6E, last row of first class. I'm sure they'll remove some of the 500 mile certs from my acct for the honor, but I really didn't care about that last night.

Made it to a hotel, and was asleep by 12am. or 2 am my time. Now I've got to visit the Frontier for breakfast (thanks to nm's reminder), and then make a stop at costco for a memory card for my recorder (knew I'd forgotten something), and then head up to Taos.


Blogger nm said...

Not to mention you are staying at a hotel with a pretty nice view and a decent diamond amenity.

Mmmm. Green chile stew topping a cinnamon roll.

The Coop just up by the NobHill sign is decent for snackage.

12:00 PM  
Blogger Mony said...

you are a lucky girl to have made it--wow, Taos
how's the weather?

2:51 PM  

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