Monday, June 18, 2007

NM asked how new york was. new york was just fine. I took the train up saturday...thank you amtrak for the quiet car on the acela. I could have saved 15 bucks by taking a different train, but sitting in a car where cell phones are banned, as is loud talking is work twice the fare. Especially on a saturday, when every train seems to be sold out. Quite a contrast to this afternoon ---- my noon train had about 15 people in the quiet car. there were 16, but when she heard it was the quiet car she bolted. "I don't want a quiet car!" she exclaimed.

Of course I don't know how she managed to get seated with out knowing she was in the QC. A service rep is standing right by it, directing people to 1st class, pointing out the QC, and then explaining that all the other cars are regular. Oh, and there are signs in the aisle, too. About every 4 rows. And the conductor makes an announcement when the train pulls out, explaining where the cafe car is, what the next stop is, and that there is a quiet car.

Anyway, back to my trip. Train up was fine. Got to the Barclay at 48th and lex with no problem, did ask to change rooms since i was just next to the elevators. Too bad, as it was a very large room, too. I was moved to a different floor, slightly smaller room, right next to what sounded like an elementary school class. But they checked out the next morning, so it wasn't so bad.

Wandered around a bit, met Liz for dinner, and then we set off to see "10 Million Miles," a new play based on the songs of Patty Griffin. A relatively new friend of mine is one of the stars, and while the show itself got so-so reviews, hers were raves. (I wasn't sure "friend" was the right word to use, but that's what she used in introducing me to people. Oh, and the lady at the box office said "oh, she said "make sure my friend knows to come back after the show...") And every bit deserved, I say. Liz agreed. We thought the show was better than the reviews, but not perfect. I'd take out two song, or dragged a bit at times.
It's running through july 15th, and probably will continue through the if you're a fan, consider making the trip. We went backstage to say hello, met the rest of the cast, walked out, watched my friend be quite gracious to fans who wanted pictures and autographs, talked for a bit, and said our goodbyes. Until Sunday, when we'd catch up at her concert.

Then, since it was so nice outside, Liz and I walked down to little italy for some decaf and dessert. Everything was packed, which was good for the merchants, but not so wonderful for us! But we finally got situated, and the next thing I knew it 130, and they were rushing us all out. then it was off to the subway, and the hotel.
Sunday started off with a visit to chinatown for lunch with another friend, and then I walked back to 48th and lex, stopping in at various shops along the way. Only purchases were a couple of bottles of water, in case you're wondering.
Sunday night was spent at Joe's Pub, where my friend had a show. Half of the club seemed to be people from the theatre, along with a few industry types.

A very good evening, and weekend!


Blogger Mony said...

I love hearing about your travels.

8:24 PM  
Blogger Z said...

Me too. Nice to live vicariously through you :) Where are we going next? Taos? Yay!

2:12 PM  
Blogger jk said...

IF i get to taos, you can travel along....the if is because we've got a new travel system at work, and it's all done online. Meaning that if an approver is out of the office, you can't just walk across the hall and get the next person to sign the's sits and sits and sits until they return. Which causes a big problem if the system eats half your request,and you can't correct it.

9:44 PM  

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