Thursday, June 28, 2007

well, maybe i'm not going to taos. I'm here at dulles, my flight to dallas is delayed enough that I've now got a five minute connection. Which probably won't be a problem, as my outbound flight should also be delayed....but if i miss it, there is no space on any flights to abq for three days. Nor could they get me back to DC for two days.



Blogger nm said...

That is what I love about summer travel.

TH said from now on, make sure they purchase your ticket immediately when you submit your travel.

Not that it will help you in this case, but in the other case.

TH has very slim hopes that she will make it home from OKC by Friday night, she's shooting for Saturday now if she's lucky.

Damn, all that green chile. You could come visit us in ABQ in October.

Safe travels if you can make it.

12:47 PM  

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