Tuesday, January 27, 2009

i am back....suffereing not just jet lag, but weather something. At 9 last night, I was wearing jeans, flipflops and a tshirt. At 9 tonite, well, dc weather is snow. I'm gearing up for a day full of ice and snow tomorrow. That's right, my perfect timing continues --- I return home to a weather event. UAL was somewhat proactive. I got to NRT (or tokyo for those who haven't memorized all the airport codes) on time, and proceeded to the club. dumped my stuff, got some water, and walked around a bit before going back and checking my email. Then I decided to check the airline site---and saw that I'd been booked on to the nonstop nrt-iad flight (IAD-dulles), as well as my previous nrt-ord (chicago)-IAD. As the nonstop leaves about 90 min earlier than the chicago flight, I figured I should ask the desk agents if I'd been moved. Turned out they wanted "to offer" me the nonstop flight, because they were expecting a delay in chicago. After determining that there was an acceptable seat, and that my bag could also be on the same flight, I took them up on the offer. Which was a good move on my part, as 2 of the 3 possible ord-iad flights have been canceled.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

no, i am not on the Mall. You know how I feel about crowds. Besides, I'd already booked a trip to london to fall over MLK long weekend---always a good time to get away because I can take advantage of a Monday holiday. But then I found my lost voucher, so instead of returning home today, I'm heading in the opposite direction, and am on my way to singapore. I'll arrive there at about 1230am on the 22nd ---returning home on a very long jan 27th.

I will check in at home to see how things went...i was awakened early today by a whole string of Metro alerts about problems on the line....starting at 3am PST.