Friday, August 29, 2008

there is a cricket somewhere in my basement, and it's making me crazy.

Not one of those mutant camel crickets that plague everyone, this is your garden variety(!) chirper.

I found a very noisy one a few days ago, noise not proportionate to size, and thought he was it....but now a friend is down here....and I can't find him.


Saturday, August 16, 2008

Hello there---sorry about the silence, it's been busy on my end.

Let's see...I told you about the kids smoking in the middle of our camp....the next night was quiet, except for a bit of cursing from some neighbor who was finally driven mad by the sound of slamming portapotty doors. But aside from that brief outburst, things were calm. And the final night? Marred only by someone who stumbled into my tent as they were drunkenly walking from theirs to the portapotty. Why? Well, they were cutting diagonally through our campsite to save a few yards, rather than walking in a straight line out of theirs, and then turning left. Of course it woke me up, horrible sleeper that i am. I couldn't help myself from yelling "Hey, watch it." And then I realized they couldn't---if they'd been able to see straight they wouldn't have walked into me.

At the end, once back at R and R's, the final comment was "why didn't you say this was a bad idea when I first brought it up."

Summation: I like camping. I don't like camping under those conditions.

I spent another beautiful day with R and R, and then headed to Boston. First stop, Newton. For an unplanned overnight with some friends I saw at the festival. Newton was added to the itinerary because there was a band in town that we all wanted to see, and I thought adding one more day to my stay might be too much for Charlie and company. After newton, it was four days and nights with old friends and their kids, (who didn't stop talking unless asleep) and then I finally drove home. Half the drive was through storms, but everyone stayed sane.