Tuesday, January 20, 2009

no, i am not on the Mall. You know how I feel about crowds. Besides, I'd already booked a trip to london to fall over MLK long weekend---always a good time to get away because I can take advantage of a Monday holiday. But then I found my lost voucher, so instead of returning home today, I'm heading in the opposite direction, and am on my way to singapore. I'll arrive there at about 1230am on the 22nd ---returning home on a very long jan 27th.

I will check in at home to see how things went...i was awakened early today by a whole string of Metro alerts about problems on the line....starting at 3am PST.


Blogger Mony said...

Wow, what a nice trip. Can't wait to hear all about it, in person.

9:18 AM  
Blogger nm said...

I cannot wait to hear about this too.

I'm going to MCI, KOA and CDG in the next few weeks, so I cannot complain, but I will.

2:41 PM  

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