Wednesday, November 05, 2008

In answer to the early question: I waited almost 90 minutes to vote. While in line, we had a pretty good view of people going in and out of the polling place. I was a bit concerned by the fact that many of the younger voters (under 30) were in and out very fall back on an old cliche used by reporters everywhere "only time will tell" if they voted for anything other than the President. We had several important ballot questions and a Congressional race, and i'd hate to think they really didn't care about any local issues.

I was very happy to see so many younger voters---I hope they don't become disillusioned when things don't change overnight. I actually had an intern who didn't seem to really get it when we tried to explain that bills will still take a while to get passed, and their are no magic wands. Glad to hear the President-elect reinforce that in his speech last night.

And good on Sen McCain for a classy concession speech. His booing supporters could take a cue. What boors! That wasn't your usual boo of "no, I don't want to believe it, don't go." These were hostile. But then again, most people don't understand that liking a candidate or idea doesn't mean you have to attack the opposition. Or that it really is bipartisan efforts are the way to get things done if all are to benefit, not just one.


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I liked McCain's speech, too.

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