Thursday, November 06, 2008

didn't have a camera with me when I went out for a stroll on the Mall at lunch---but i did notice they were starting work around the Capitol, getting ready for the inauguration. *I've been to a couple, and it really isn't something I'd recommend, unless you know someone. The actual space around the Capitol Steps is small and ticketed, and security is tight. "The People" are usually a block away, watching on big screen tv. The parade isn't much better. If you're still thinking about going, make plans soon ---everyone triples prices, at least. I'm going to be away ---didn't realize it at the time I made plans. I was just trying to take advantage of the MLK holiday, which turns out to be the day before. We'll be shut down for the day, everything is such a mess in the city with roads being closed and security, etc that it's a wise move.

They've also roped off parts of the Mall, hoping to keep people off the new turf until the big day. There's plenty of path to walk on, so don't go thinking it's a plot to keep people away. They always do this---the Mall gets used to death, and if it doesn't look good on Inauguration day the whole world knows.


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